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Karen Gately is a passionate optimist with unwavering belief in the power of the human spirit. A highly regarded thought leader in the fields of human performance and leadership, Karen brings a fresh perspective to what it takes to lead people and teams to reach the peaks of their potential.

Karen’s energetic and engaging style inspires people to shift their thinking and sign up for the challenge of becoming a better version of themselves. Known for her pragmatic, down to earth and uncomplicated approach Karen stands apart from many other commentators in her field. Doing away with ambiguous and complicated concepts Karen equips her audience with realistic strategies and practical solutions.

Karen’s approach is deeply rooted in the 25 years she spent training and teaching karate. At age 14 she was the youngest person awarded a 1st dan black belt in Shukokai Karate. After many more years of dedicated training and teaching Karen went on to be graded to 3rd dan. A multiple times winner of state, national and international titles, Karen is a highly accomplished tournament karate competitor.

Over the span of her corporate career Karen worked in client service, strategy, planning and quality management leadership roles. In 2006, after eight years as head of human resources for The Vanguard Group in the Asia Pacific, Karen established Ryan Gately an HR consultancy focused on enabling organisations to
thrive through people.